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  • What are Soft Skills?

    What are Soft Skills?

    And why are they so important in the workplace? Almost 80% of employers say that soft skills are more important than hard skills. Nearly as many, almost 70%, say they would prefer new hires to have stronger soft and weak hard skills as opposed to the opposite. So, what exactly are these oh-so-desirable soft skills, …


  • Easing the Transition from Summer to School Schedules

    Easing the Transition from Summer to School Schedules

    Bridgitt Haarsgaard shares her insights on supporting children as they return to school in Forbes. As students and parents across the country prepare to being the new school year, Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo’s Forbes article “Offering Support To Neurodiverse And Neurotypical Children As They Return To School” addresses offers some helpful tips on how to ease …


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