Executive Coaching

The GAARD Group offers several ways for businesses and organizations to support their talent through professional development. Learn more about how our solutions could work for your company and contact us to start getting the best from your most valuable assets, your people.

Executive Coaching Options That Fit Your Needs

We offer executive coaching via phone, video platform, or in-person. Our goal is to understand your strengths, challenges, and opportunities to create an innovative and personalized solution that creates real and lasting change.

Our team of experts offers the following coaching options: 

  • Acute coaching – Fresh eyes and outside opinions are often necessary aids in evaluating particular conditions or challenges. GAARD experts offer 1:1 hourly coaching to help guide you through acute or immediate situations.  
  • 3-month – Behavioral change takes time. Our 3-month coaching program will pair you with a GAARD expert committed to guiding you to change and transformation. 3-month engagements focus on singular change. Examples of singular changes include improving communication or presentation skills, learning to delegate, or giving quality feedback.
  • 6-month – Moving from team leader to departmental leader? Do you need to strengthen both your strategic skills and operational effectiveness? Or do you need to enhance your self-awareness and create a plan to capitalize on your strengths? Our 6-month program may be right for you. Our GAARD Experts are committed to guiding you to change and transformation.  
  • 12-month – Expanding business operations? Mobilizing your teams around a long-term strategy? Experiencing growing pains? Having an expert by your side through any big transition helps ensure organizational success. 
  • Team Coaching – All teams go through the 4 phases of team development. A coach can help guide the team out of the “storm” and into the norm and perform stage. We create team alignment and collaboration to build operating models and agreements to get the team on a path to success.

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