Jackie Advani

Jackie Advani

Lead Expert & Partner of The GAARD Group

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Changing Conversations, One Word at a Time

Jacqueline looks to change conversations one word at a time, whether you are leading, selling, negotiating, influencing, or giving feedback. In any conversation, words matter. They can change how you are seen and, more importantly, have the power to create a positive outcome in the most challenging of conversations.

In her work over two decades as an executive coach, facilitator, and speaker, Jackie has helped tens of thousands of people realize that how you “show up” as a leader, manager, or individual contributor matters.

In a word, it’s all about presence, how you use your space, body, voice, and mind to generate positive perceptions of authority, leadership and confidence.

Using her experience, insight, and up-to-date research, she delivers bespoke programs around Sales, Negotiation, Change, Resilience, Leadership, and Management that allow individuals to explore and reflect on ways to enhance their presence and effectiveness. She connects with teams and challenges them to think beyond the current situation to enhance performance, increase confidence and create a presence that gets results for the individual and the organization.

She has partnered with a diverse group of Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international, in Pharmaceutical, Financial, Entertainment, High-end Beauty and Cosmetics, Fashion, Wine and Spirits, and more.

When not with clients, you will find her reading a new business book or researching new theories and topics that contribute to developing the most up-to-date content for clients.

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