Soft Skill Based in Sound Science

Our method merges corporate leadership training with psychological best practices.

The GAARD Method

Developed by CEO and Founder Bridgitt Haarsgaard, The GAARD Method aligns corporate leadership training with psychological best practices to deliver practical, actionable lessons that result in real and lasting change.

Self-Awareness & Confidence

Our unique methodology takes a person-first approach to teach essential business principles and professional skills. Our five-step process starts by examining common frustrations and barriers to success. Our industry experts teach how self-awareness and practice leads to long-term professional skill development through bite-sized lessons.

Reinforcement Through Practice

Our method pair engaging micro-lessons with workbooks that reinforce the information from our video sessions while guiding learners through exercises that encourage self-reflection. Then, through practice scenarios, new skills are immediately applied. Confidence comes with practice. Then, the entire process comes full circle through review and goal-setting.

Full Cycle of Learning

Our innovative approach to teaching professional business skills leads to positive lifelong changes in behaviors and attitudes by ensuring that learners complete a cycle of learning. The GAARD Group understands that the mastery of communication and leadership skills contributes not only to professional success but to personal growth as well.

Our Five Part Plan for True and Lasting Change

The GAARD Group offers various plans to suit the needs of our participants. While the delivery and facilitation of the steps may vary, all our programs follow our unique GAARD Method. Visit our Individual Plan or Corporate Solutions pages to learn more about how to get started developing real and lasting skills with The GAARD Method.


Learners gain new skills, knowledge, and strategies by watching 2-7 minute video modules or by attending live sessions or seminars.


Our learning guides link key theories and skills to day-to-day activities. The PDF fillable workbooks become an action plan and a reference guide.


Through practice scenarios, session guides, and feed back templates learners take the lead on practicing key skills with their peers.


Facilitated by either The GAARD Group or a chosen leader from your organization, roundtables provide judgement-free zones to share observations, explore scenarios, and practice that builds confidence.


Reviewing results brings the process full circle. Debriefing with leaders reinforces key skills through reviewing the progress, making action planning, and setting goals for the future.

This training was incredibly valuable in that it challenged the manner in which we interact at a professional and personal level. Communication is an aspect of life that many assume will come naturally, but often it takes effort and practice to master. Bridgitt was fantastic, and she allowed us to reframe how we communicate to ensure more effectiveness and precision with the subject matter. I would encourage all professionals with a desire to challenge themselves and grow to take the class because you will definitely come out better for it.

Maalik Nixon 

CISCO Systems

Bridgitt Haarsgaard

I’m Bridgitt Haarsgaard, the founder of The GAARD Group.

I developed the GAARD Method to create actionable and lasting behavioral change in the business world and beyond. Based on principles I’ve learned over my years in Psychology, Sales, Sales Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, the GAARD Method has helped prepare thousands of professionals—from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives—for the challenges of today’s complex work environment.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn and improve. Your hard work will pay off tremendously.


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