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Preparing for the pivotal moments in your career.

Impactful Professional Skills & Strategies

Being prepared for the pivotal moments of your life means developing the professional skills you need to perform and building the self confidence necessary to pursue exciting opportunities when they come your way. 

GAARD Group micro-tools allow you quickly create awareness, regulate your thoughts, and manage reactions before any important events, large or small.  When used and used purposefully, our tools have the potential to significantly impact your professional success whether you are a team member, executive or entrepreneur.  


Learn how to begin aligning new ideas and skills right away to your day-to-day activities and communications.


Professional skills training underpinned by Psychology and time tested business principles that help you grow both personally and professionally.


On demand micro-lessons available across all devices so you control when and where you learn.

Personal development fuels professional success.

Our unique approach to teaching traditional professional skills uses psychological best practices to create positive lifelong changes in behaviors and attitudes that contribute to success.

You set a goal to speak up in meetings. You take a course on public speaking. As a result, you communicate your insights in a few meetings but soon fall back into old patterns of remaining quiet. Why?

It’s not a lack of motivation. So, what is it? Focusing on external behaviors can create slight and temporary change. But for long-term change, we must address the blocks: automatic negative thoughts (ANTS), limiting beliefs, and unexpressed emotions. If you don’t, you will keep hitting the same obstacles that prevent real transformation.

I’m Bridgitt Haarsgaard, founder of the GAARD Group. I developed our method to help people just like you understand their personal blocks to build self-awareness and self confidence in a safe environment while honing essential skills that will propel your professional growth.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn and improve. Your hard work will pay off tremendously.

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How does personal development lead to professional success?

Personal development fuels professional success because it starts with building an understanding of ourselves.

Self-knowledge empowers us to play an active role in our lives by giving us the ability to view our world through a more transparent lens. When we observe our behaviors skillfully, we can ask the important question – What version of ourselves will lead us toward our goals?

When professional skills, like networking and leadership, meet soft skills like listening and emotional intelligence, we can create relationships that lead to successful collaboration. When we skillfully interact with our peers, they naturally reciprocate. When our skillful interactions consistently deliver positive outcomes, we build that promise into our personal brand.

Industry knowledge is not personal development.

Each year millions of people invest in technical skills training that promise to help in your job search. While investing in developing our skillsets is commendable, those professional skills need to be transferable and durable.  

Why transferable? A 2015 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the average person has 12 jobs during their lifetime with an average stint of 4 years. Nearly a third of those job changes also involved an industry. In 2022, theses averages are increasing. So, while industry knowledge has value, that value is limited across the field of potential future workplaces.  

The professional skills we invest our time in should also be durable. Software training becomes more obsolete with every update pushed by developers. Hiring managers know that software proficiency is a job skill best learned on site. There are far too many new solutions arriving on the market daily to keep pace. Employers want to see self motivation, work ethic, and a cover letter that exudes confidence in your professional skill and your capability.

GAARD Courses teach traditional business principles, such as presentation skills, communication skills and time management, underpinned to soft skills. We reveal the role soft skills play in daily communications and how to leverage those skills for maximum impact in pursuing our personal goals. Soft skills, like problem solving and critical thinking, last a lifetime and span all industries in ever job conveying our competency and reinforcing our value.  

30% workers changed fields at least once
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Professional skills are gifts you earn.

Developing worthwhile skills takes effort and commitment. We understand that time is a valuable asset and the hectic demands of our life compete for our energy. We designed our courses specifically to support modern learners. Through a series of micro-learning sessions, our carefully selected seasoned instructors utilize our unique method to guide you step by step through each stage of skill development.

The GAARD Method ensures that you not only gain the information you need to start taking steps forward but provides you with the tools to apply those skills to your daily activities. You will learn about the importance of situational awareness when networking, how to use emotional intelligence to diffuse tense situations, and how critical thinking and problem solving will make your contributions stand out.  

If you’re ready to take the next step in your professional life, ready to truly change your mindset on what qualities contribute to professional success, subscribe to The GAARD Group library today. The most significant investment is the investment that you make in yourself.

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