Frequently Asked Questions

The GAARD Group offers a full range of services that tailor trainings to your needs. If you have questions specific to your organization and do not find answers below, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

How are you different than other training and development companies?

It’s challenging for organizations to find professional skill development solutions that are broadly applicable, easy to implement and address the needs of individual learners who are all wired differently.

The GAARD Group prides itself on how successfully our unique method provides a singular solution that meets this challenge.

Our person-first approach to professional development considers the whole person and has a built-in plan for addressing individual psychological needs, learning styles, and motivations. Our method is flexible, adaptable, and customizable. We support learners and leadership through proven stages, building critical skills at all levels that prepare organizations and the people that make them great to meet the challenges of today’s business climate.

What are the benefits of micro-learning via video?

Micro-learning has multiple benefits.

First, it puts the individual in charge of when and where they learn. They have complete control over their learning journey. Many factors affect learning. Time of day, location, motivation level, and stress levels can all affect one’s ability to learn or retain new information. Micro-learning via videos allows users to determine when they are in the best position to absorb information.

Second, micro-learning videos are viewable with any device, wherever the user is. The days of having to be at your desk in front of your computer are over!

Third, with micro-lessons, individuals can apply concepts to their roles right away. They do not get overwhelmed with content. They can sit and view a couple of micro-lessons and use the ideas immediately.

Finally, micro-lesson have to deliver information succinctly, which we do through storytelling, making the videos more engaging and the concepts more memorable. Also, shorter videos avoid unnecessary reviews of familiar content or mastered concepts, so individuals are not wasting time or bored.

What are the challenges of micro-learning via video?

One of the biggest challenges to micro-learning via video is technology. Internet connection issues, LMS security settings, and other challenges are always possible.

There can also be management challenges – with any new way to learn; some individuals will require more thoughtful direction.

How long will I have access to the video content?

Access times will vary depending upon how an individual or company engages with The GAARD Group and our learning platform.

  • Individual course purchases are accessible for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Content via subscription service remains available while subscriptions remain active.
  • Content available through contracted solutions will remain accessible throughout the contract terms.

Can I attend webinars or in-person meetings to reinforce the skills?

Yes, we offer Roundtable webinars and peer circles discussions to support skill development, share best practices, and build the confidence to apply the concepts to their roles.

We also offer on-site training programs, where the GAARD Experts come to you.

How are the GAARD Experts selected?

Bridgitt Haarsgaard hand-selects each member of the GAARD Team. She has personally seen them all in action – facilitating workshops, hosting webinars, and coaching clients. Gaard experts own their businesses, work globally, and have extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies.

GAARD Experts are engaging, have real business experience, and prioritize creating a safe environment for individuals to learn and grow.

GAARD Experts completed Leadership and Facilitation Training.

As our team continues to grow, we will expand our expert pool and topic range to reflect the diversity of the world and the changing demands of our workplaces.

Does The GAARD Group customize content?

Yes! We regularly create custom programming for corporations. We have built customized communications, presentations, management, and leadership programs worldwide.

We can customize the video and written content included in our courses. We can create tailored topics, organize live training and seminars, and more to meet your specific needs and goals.

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