Peggy Decker

Lead Expert & Partner of The GAARD Group

  • Workplace Performance
  • Leadership
  • Whole Brain Thinking® Expert

Thinking at the Speed of Change

Peggy Decker is the Principal of KnowledgeSources Consulting, a firm representing a consortium of independent experts and thought leaders specializing in workplace performance and thinking at the speed of change. She provides client solutions for leadership effectiveness, world-class team building, creativity & innovation, communications, collaboration, and client-facing sales and service initiatives. 

Peggy is considered an expert on Whole Brain® Thinking.  She uses this diversity of thinking model to help teams leverage collective capacity to achieve more effective results.

Peggys serves on the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) board and chairs several of its committees. Passionate about the power of realized potential and its impact on the continued success of individuals and organizations, she champions mentoring programs, invests in developing our next generation of leaders, and advocates for creating cultures of diversity within communities. 

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